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Company Overview

Founded in 2016, Stratfund has proven itself as an independent Australian AFSL holder specialising in a comprehensive range of regulatory, legislative, compliance and administrative services.


The Stratfund team comprises of a senior management team who individually has no less than 15 years of fund management experience each, supported by a respected team of lawyers, accountants and experts with an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Managed Investment Scheme administration, management, regulatory and legislative compliance.


Their considerable exposure to both the International and Australian Financial Services arena makes this team a great value proposition for those clients who have a need for the services that Stratfund provides. Their profound understanding of our obligations in our capacity as AFSL for hire, Custodian or Trustee for Managed Investment Schemes is well established and respected.


Our clients are Australian and international investors ranging from medium to small businesses, trustees, financial advisers with a focus on asset classes such as real estate, private equity, and debt Instruments (including secured business finance).

Our Core Services

Stratfund does not promote or market any interests in any of the schemes under our management. This policy alleviates any potential conflict of interest and assures that we can act in the best interest of investors without the influences linked with conflicting interests.


The team’s proficiencies extend to and include:

  • Funds Management

  • Risk Management

  • Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

  • AFSL Administrative Compliance Support

  • Registry Services and Management

  • Custody Services

  • ASIC Liaison Services

  • Investor Relations

  • Accounting and Taxation

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