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Key Features

Australian Fixed Income Fund

Name of Fund

Australian Fixed Income Fund


Thrifty Money Pty Ltd

Fund Auditors

Advanced Accountants RTM

Nature of Fund

The Australian Fixed Income Fund is a contributory investment fund, managed under an ASIC approved and issued AFSL. The Fund comprises of multiple Subfunds into which Members of the Fund invest. Each Subfund consists of one active business loan.

Eligible Investors

Australian Fixed Income Fund is a managed contributory investment scheme open to Wholesale investors only. A closed category of Retail investors may, upon application and at the Trustee's sole discretion, be accepted into the Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund’s objective is to deliver a Yield of no less than 8% per annum return on capital invested.

Investment Strategy

The AFIF invest in any one or an assortment of Australian based medium and short-term Debt Instruments such as mortgages, secured business loans, commercial paper, secured subordinated debt and securitised debt.

Hurdle Rate ²



The Trustee has delivered a 5-year gross average return of 10.43%.


The Trustee may be entitled to performance fees, out of pocket costs and fees as provided for in the Trust Deed

Investment Term

The minimum investment term is three (3) years.

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment in the Fund is * $50,000

Unit Pricing

Units are issued at $1.00 per unit.

   *  $ refers to Australian Dollar

   ²   is the minimum ROI or target rate that has to be achieved before the Fund attracts a performance fee

(Download Disclosure Document and Subscribe for Units in the Fund)

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